SuperBoundary easily creates boundaries in complex drawings


AutoCAD users often have to deal with the BOUNDARY (BPOLY) command, which allows generating boundaries (mostly closed polylines) from existing objects forming an enclosed area around the point specified. Unfortunately, its performance as well as the quality and the accuracy of the boundaries (contours) created when run in complex drawings leaves much to be desired. To eliminate these common drawbacks of the standard BOUNDARY command, a project called "SuperBoundary" was implemented.


While BOUNDARY command generates simple contours quite efficiently in relatively simple drawings with a small number of objects on screen, SuperBoundary is intended to provide the user with comfortable workflow in drawings of any complexity. In other words, SuperBoundary is the utility based on the BOUNDARY concept supplemented by super-speed and some super-features.


A significant distinguishing feature of the SuperBoundary plugin from the standard BOUNDARY command is the ability to create all the boundaries in the drawing. The BUILD ALL option implemented in the program and the corresponding SBND_ALL command make it possible to detect and create all the boundaries among the set of selected objects almost instantly in one action.

Key features of the SuperBoundary plugin:

  • High performance. A powerful program engine allows analyzing and generating thousands of boundaries in seconds.
  • High accuracy. When generating a boundaries, all elements larger than the specified tolerance factor are considered.
  • The possibility to generate boundaries in areas having significant gaps between adjacent objects.
  • The possibility to quickly detect and generate all the enclosed areas in the selected drawing or its part.
  • Easy and accurate external outlines generation in complex drawings.
  • Polylines generation from spline- and ellipse-based boundaries using piecewise-linear approximation
  • Flexible adjustment of the boundaries generated. These are width, color and layer.
  • Simple and convenient installation with classic installer.