SBND_ALL command. Using the SuperBoundary app in "Build All" Mode


The "Build All" mode is a special case of the classic mode of the app. In this mode, the user is given the opportunity to interact with the application bypassing the main dialog box, which in some cases can lead to an increase in overall work efficiency.

Step 1. Launching the application

Launching the program in "Build All" mode is done by typing the _SBND_ALL command in the AutoCAD command line. The app can also be launched in "Build All" mode using the corresponding button on the ribbon in the "Add-ins" tab (Fig. 1):

Ribbon button for launching SuperBoundary app in "Build All" mode
Fig. 1
Ribbon button to launch the SuperBoundary app in "Build All" mode

After launching the app in "Build All" mode, the following options are available in the command line (Fig. 2):

SBND_ALL command options in command line
Fig. 2
The additional options for the _SBND_ALL command

SBND_ALL command options

  • "SEttings" - displays a dialog box with application settings. See the "Program settings" section for details.
  • "ABout" - displays a dialog box containing data about the program and the type of installed license. The process of loading a license key (license activation) is also carried out through this window.

Step 2. Selecting objects and adding boundaries to the drawing

The procedure for selecting source objects and adding the all boundaries to the drawing in the "Build All" mode (unlike in the classic mode) is carried out in one step. An approximate sequence of actions when adding all boundaries in drawing in the form of shapes with a solid fill is shown in the following video:

Using the SuperBoundary app in Buid All mode